A sneak private preview of the strange place that is Gullycuddy Parish, County Wexford!

We've gone to great lengths to provide a credible 'back story' for Gullycuddy, including Wikipedia entries, Google maps, Gullycuddy FM on YouTube and social media profiles for some of the more colorful characters who live in the Parish.

The weblink in the first email received by the new landowner leads to our completely invented council website.  Visit www.gullycuddy.ie for yourself and see just how realistic it is... or Google 'Gullycuddy'!

(We've hidden this page from search engines so that the friend you're pranking can't accidentally stumble on it while researching the Parish!)

The Irish are natural, fun-loving, entrepreneurs and the residents of Gullycuddy are no different... having formed a co-operative to sell exclusive on-line gifts for the Irishman who has everything! :o)

Just two of the unique Culchie Co-op products that will be available shortly in presentation boxes, complete with certificates of authenticity.

Blarney pebbles - hold your tongue 'til you hold the stone!

Fossilised Leprechaun eggs

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