For a birthday, anniversary, retirement or St. Patrick's Day gift, what do you buy an ex-pat Irishman who has everything?


Hibernia Heritage, celtic land gift in Ireland

Ireland has a special place in the hearts of millions, all over the world.
As custodians in the Deer Park Estate for generations, the head of the De Paor family and Principal of Hiberia Heritage, Breandán de Paor, can now offer the ultimate gift for anyone who is proud of their Irish ancestry.

Whatever their nationality, or wherever they live in the world, you can now make them the proud Title Holder of a physical piece of land in the 'auld' country as a unique and very special, personal, gift for just $89.95!

Own a plot of land in the Deer Park Estate, Co. Wexford

Historic Deer Park Estate is situated on the picturesque and spectacular Hook Peninsula, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, just a stone's throw from Europe's oldest lighthouse.  Click for more about the stunning property location.

The perfect Irish gift of land in Ireland

In keeping with local history, we have used the 19th Century system of links, chains and perches to carefully measure and allocate one square link plots of land within the Estate, identified on beautiful, individually numbered and fully legal Title Deeds, presented in both English and Irish Gaelic.
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Irish land gift pack, plus the secret craic

Whilst the land is absolutely 100% genuine and the Deed is a legally binding document, we wouldn't be Irish if we didn't like the craic now would we?  So we've introduced some hilarious and unexpected twists... what the new land Title owner doesn't yet realise is that their proudly displayed gift is just the beginning of a surreal journey!

One month after the lodgement of their Title Deed, they will receive the first in a series of increasingly outrageous emails from the Chairperson of our completely fictitious Comhairle Úinéírí Talún, or the Parish Council of Gullycuddy.
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The Secret Craic from Gullycuddy!

To support this on-going practical joke, we have created a very convincing fantasy website for the Council, including local by-laws and statutes relating to the Dualgais dlí tiarna talún, or the legally binding Duties of a Landowner!
Visit the Gullycuddy Parish website and see for yourself...


Buy a piece of land, with full legal Title Deeds, as the perfect Irish gift for a friend or colleague with Irish ancestry, whether it's for St Patrick's day, a birthday or Christmas.


Read about the unique hidden aspect to this Celtic gift... sit back and enjoy watching whilst your friend, the new Irish landowner, is sucked into The Secret Craic!

The Secret Craic is an on-line practical joke that lasts a whole year.  The Celtic gift of a land plot as souvenir real estate in County Wexford comes with a secret element that just keeps on giving... the recipient will start to receive emails from the Irish authorities, gently funny at first, but more and more hilarious as the secret craic prank mails become outrageous!







Land and estate agents for souvenir plots of land in Deer Park Estate, Hook of Ireland, County Wexford.

Order your perfect Irish gift of real estate

Simply click on the link below, complete the Land Registry form and go on to our secure checkout where you can pay using any major credit card or PayPal.
Click here to purchase a piece of the Emerald Isle.

Own a plot of land in County Wexford

The Hook lighthouse, County Wexford, Ireland

The view from Deer Park Estate, the Hook of Ireland

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